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Clinical Fellowship Training Programme

Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow

Training in paediatric endocrinology and diabetes is delivered at Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow to a level that is recognised by the BSPED (British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes) as sufficient for training in tertiary level training in this speciality.

The hospital is the largest tertiary paediatric centre in Scotland, offering all aspects of paediatric care. There is a large and active clinical workload representing all the sub-specialities of Paediatrics.  The Consultant team has a strong research ethos. We aim to provide a varied and challenging training program to suit trainees who wish to pursue a career in paediatric endocrinology and diabetes.

Training Schedule

During your fellowship programme you will be allocated to various clinical duties, depending on your experience and appropriate medical registration.

You will be encouraged to undertake a research/audit project during your fellowship.

Participation and presenting in unit meetings, ward rounds, journal club and departmental research meetings will be expected.  There will also be opportunities to attend and present at regional meetings such as SPEG, national meetings such as BSPED and international meetings such as ESPE

Upon satisfactory completion of your fellowship you will be awarded a certificate.

Fellowship Costs

Upon acceptance of the fellowship, a deposit of ten percent of the training fee (see below) is required to secure your post.

If you are paying the deposit yourself, we will refund the deposit upon receipt of your first six monthly instalment of the training fee.

The training fee should be paid at the beginning of your visit or if staying longer than six months then at the beginning of each six month block; please see below for details.  This is in addition to your living expenses.

  Income Category (World bank)
  Upper-Middle and above Income Countries Low-Middle Income  Countries Low Income Countries/ESPE Fellowship
Fee/month £400 £300 £250

Application Form & Deadlines

Please complete the form, if you wish to apply for the visiting fellowship and return the completed form together with your CV to

Our training is suited to the more experienced clinician who wants to consummate training in Endocrinology, as such preference will be given to those who have previous endocrine experience in a recognised training centre. Those with less experience can still apply but should apply for a block of up to three months only.

In order to provide the optimal endocrine experience and also your training needs, the number of available fellowships is limited.

You will need to apply for the fellowship at least 6-12 months before.

You will be required to provide a supporting letter from your local paediatric endocrinologist and a copy of your CV.

Deadlines will be the 1st June & 1st December each year.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview via remote interview.

Contact Details


Dr M G Shaikh   

Prof SF Ahmed   

Dr SC Chen        

Dr A Mason        

Dr J Wong           


Programme Coordinator

 Mr M McMillan   

Application Form

Clinical Fellowship Application Form