Specialist Clinics


We see all endocrine conditions within our service, which commonly include

Short stature, including growth hormone deficiency

Thyroid Disorders- both underactive and over active

Disorders of Puberty- early and delayed

Disorders of the Adrenal gland


We also have specialist clinics for specific groups of conditions

Complex Bone Clinic (Dr A Mason, Prof Ahmed, Dr McDevitt)

For conditions affecting bone health, including conditions affecting bone mineral metabolism, osteoporosis and skeletal dysplasias. The clinic also receives input from genetics, orthopaedic surgery, occupational therapy and adult endocrinology)

Craniopharyngioma Clinic (Dr M G Shaikh & Dr A Kyriakou)

A multidisciplinary clinic, consisting of endocrinologists, oncologists, radiotherapists and neurosurgeons, who review children with tumours of the pituitary gland.

Conditions Affecting Sex Development Clinic (Prof SF Ahmed),

For complex conditions that may affect sex development including congenital adrenal hyperplasia. A monthly clinic is held jointly with clinical psychology and genetics and a 3-monthly clinic is held with input from a wider group of specialists including urology, gynaecology and adult services.

Gender Development Clinic (Dr A Kyriakou)

Young people who have concerns with their gender identity are initially assessed by the Sandyford team and then assessed by our service.

Genetic Tumour Clinic (Dr M G Shaikh)

Those children who have been identified with a genetic predisposition to endocrine tumours are seen and screened in this clinic. A Genetic Counsellor is also present at the clinic.

Hyperinsulinism Clinic (Dr M G Shaikh)

This clinic is held every 3 months for patients with congenital hyperinsulinism. Twice a year, the NORCHI (Northern Congenital Hyperinsulinism Service) team also attend.

Late Effects of Childhood Cancer (Dr M G Shaikh & Dr A Kyriakou)

These are joint clinics with either the haematologists or oncologists, in which we treat and monitor children who are at risk of having endocrine problems as a result of their underlying tumour/cancer or as a result of its treatment

Prader-Willi Clinic (Dr M G Shaikh & Dr A Kyriakou)

Children with Prader- Willi Syndrome from across the country attend this multi-disciplinary service, which includes dietetics, child and adolescent psychiatry and occupational therapy.

Transition Service (Dr M G Shaikh & Dr C Perry)

This clinic helps young people who will need ongoing endocrine care gradually move across to the adult sector.

Turners Syndrome (Dr A Mason)

Girls with Turner’s Syndrome are seen from across the West of Scotland.

Renal Clinics (Dr A Mason & Dr J Wong)

We also hold joint clinics with our Nephrologists for children with kidney disease who have growth and puberty issues


We provide endocrine services in partnership with the local staff through clinics at the following hospitals.

Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital (Prof SF Ahmed)

Royal Alexander Hospital (Dr M G Shaikh),

Wishaw General Hospital (Dr J Wong),

Forth Valley Hospital (Dr M G Shaikh),

Crosshouse Hospital (Dr A Mason)

Ayr Hospital (Dr A Mason).