We have weekly education meetings on a variety of topics with the the aim to cover the endocrine training syllabus.

Details of the next six months meetings are below

Host Field Speaker Location Title
16/01/2020 Faisal Ahmed Adrenal Faisal Ahmed L2011 An introduction to the adrenal gland
23/01/2020 Malika Alimussina Pituitary Guftar Shaikh L2007 An update on the pituitary
30/01/2020 SPEG
06/02/2020 Salma Ali Growth and puberty Salma Ali L2007 Growth & pubertal assessment
13/02/2020 Andreas Kyriakou Growth Charlotte Wright Rm12 OB Nutritional stunting
20/02/2020 Angela Lucas-Herald Skeletal Dysplasia Esther Kinning L2006 Genetic aspects of skeletal dysplasia
27/02/2020 Avril Mason Imaging Lauren Johnston Rm12 OB Arterial haemodynamics in Turner Syndrome
05/03/2020 Guftar Shaikh Insulin disorders Robert Semple L2006 Genetic and acquired disorders of insulin action
12/03/2020 Salma Ali Gender Dysphoria Andreas Kyriakou L2011 Gender Dysphoria- An overview
19/03/2020 Faisal Ahmed Fluid & Electrolytes Faisal Ahmed L2011 Case of Hyponatraemia
26/03/2020 Jarod Wong Female Adolescence Claire Cockburn L2011 Precocious puberty- update of recent consensus
02/04/2020 Malika Alimussina Biochemistry Jane McNeilly L2006 To Be Confirmed
09/04/2020 EASTER BREAK
16/04/2020 Andreas Kyriakou Growth Andreas Kyriakou L2006 Cases of short stature
23/04/2020 AWAY DAY
30/04/2020 Avril Mason Imaging Claire Fenlon L0007A Thyroid Imaging
07/05/2020 Guftar Shaikh Endocrine tumours Robbie Lindsay L2006 Genetic Endocrine Tumours
14/05/2020 Jarod Wong Thyroid Colin Perry Rm12 OB Hyperthyroidism
21/05/2020 SPEG -Edinburgh Gyle Square
28/05/2020 Faisal Ahmed Male Adolescence Faisal Ahmed L2006 Androgen replacement in male hypogonadism
04/06/2020 Salma Ali Gender dysphoria Simon Smith L2011 Gender Dysphoria- A Paediatric Perspective
11/06/2020 Malika Alimussina Genetics Malika Alimusina L2006 Genetics of DSD
18/06/2020 Andreas Kyriakou Bone and Mineral Helen McDevitt L2006 Vit D deficiency – dietary assessment study
25/06/2020 Angela Lucas-Herald Growth Syndromes Angela Lucas-Herald L2006 Russell Silver Syndrome

MEDLY Programme For January to June 2020