We have weekly education meetings on a variety of topics with the the aim to cover the endocrine training syllabus.

Details of the next six months meetings are below

  Host Field Speaker Location Title

Faisal Ahmed

Growth Syndromes Guftar Shaikh Zoom Noonan Syndrome
12/08/2021 Guftar Shaikh DSD Angela Lucas-Herald Zoom Disorders of Sex Development
19/08/2021 Faisal Ahmed Glucose Metabolism Klaus Mohnike Zoom Hyperinsulinism – Endo-ERN Webinar
26/08/2021 Faisal Ahmed Female Adolescence Aparna Sastry Zoom Fertility Preservation
02/09/2021 Salma Ali Adrenal Salma Ali Zoom CAH: An overview
09/09/21 SPEG        
16/09/2021 Malika Alimussina Osteoporosis Judith Bubbear Zoom Adult management issues in OI and consideration during transition
23/09/2021 ESPE        
30/09/2021 Angela Lucas-Herald Growth Faisal Ahmed Zoom Novel aspects of growth disorders
07/10/2021 Faisal Ahmed Skeletal Dysplasia Natasha Appelman Dikjstra Zoom Fibrous Dysplasia
14/10/2021 Guftar Shaikh T1D Dr Fiona Campbell Zoom New Therapies in Diabetes
21/10/2021 Faisal Ahmed Obesity Erican Van Den Akker Zoom Genetic Obesity Disorders – Endo-ERN Webinar
28/10/2021 Faisal Ahmed Late Effects Diana McIntosh Zoom Advances in Managing Solid Tumours
04/11/2021 Salma Ali Male Adolescence Faisal Ahmed Zoom Male hormone replacement
11/11/2021 Faisal Ahmed
Biochemistry Nils Krone Zoom The clinical impact from advances in steroid biochemistry
18/11/2021 Malika Alimussina Biochemistry Karen Smith, Russel Brown, Craig Livie Zoom Paediatric Reference Intervals for Steroid Metabolism
25/11/2021 BSPED        
02/12/2021 Angela Lucas-Herald Salt and Water Giacomo Rossito Zoom Salt Stories
09/12/2021 Guftar Shaikh Skeletal Dysplasia Sandra Butler Zoom Radiological assessment of skeletal dysplasia
16/12/2021 Christmas Quiz        

MEDLY Programme from August to December 2021